If a pandemic can’t bring the United States together, what can? David Broockman, a professor who studies how to reduce prejudice, on how America can bridge political divides.

David Broockman

Last weekend, thousands of Americans met with someone who has completely different political views at “America Talks.” David Broockman is a professor of political science at the University of California, Berkeley, and is conducting a scientific study on the outcomes of the event. America Talks was co-created by My Country Talks, and is powered by the My Country Talks software. Learn more here.

My Country Talks: Dr. Broockman, in your work you deal with the question of how to reduce prejudice between people who have completely different political opinions. Can discussion formats like America Talks contribute to this?

David Broockman…

The city of Marburg launches our first event at the local level

Marburg spricht

We are excited to announce the first My City Talks event, organized by the university city of Marburg, Germany. Our new, hyperlocal format was created to help people fight polarisation in their city, and bring local government and journalists into conversation with citizens about issues that affect their day-to-day lives.

Marburg spricht launched on May 17th by the city of Marburg, in cooperation with the Oberhessische Press and several local nonprofits and community groups. Marburg Mayor, Dr. Thomas Spies initiated the event.

“Mutual respect and listening without prejudice are guardrails of political opinion-forming. …

Together with USA Today, we are launching our first national event in the United States

Logo America Talks

My Country Talks is partnering with USA Today and the USA Today Network for the nation-wide dialogue event America Talks.

On June 12 and 13, thousands of complete strangers in the USA will meet for a one-on-one, private conversation. To sign up, participants will answer Yes/No questions on controversial issues such as whether gun control regulations should be more strict, whether a 15 dollar nation-wide minimum wage should be implemented, and whether it’s a good idea to fully legalize marijuana. On the basis of their answers, they will be matched with someone who thinks totally differently from them.

USA Today…

One of Germany’s most prestigious prizes for journalism recognizes MCT in a new category for projects that do “exceptional service to the public”

Lukas Schulze / Picture Alliance — Stern

We are excited to announce that My Country Talks has been shortlisted for the prestigious “Nannen Preis” (Nannen Prize), which awards exceptional journalism in Germany. Started in 2005, the Nannen Prize has come to be regarded as one of the most important awards for media in Germany.

My Country Talks has been shortlisted for a new category which debuts this year, called “Republic.” This category awards journalistic projects that “focuses on the value of journalism to society [and]… do an exceptional journalistic service to the public. For example, by bringing a socially relevant topic into the limelight over a longer…

My Country Talks

My Country Talks is an international platform for political dialogue. We match people with completely different viewpoints for 1:1 conversations.

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